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Official statement to our customers, partners and prospects as we navigate this unprecidented time.



March 30, 2020

The safety of our employees, customers and business partners is our top priority as we navigate the spread of COVID-19 and its impact on our work and personal lives.

Please be assured that we are fully committed to maintaining a safe work environment for all of our employees. At this time, we are all still working in the office/plant and expect to be here throughout this health crisis. We are open for business and currently running at 100%. Many of our employees can not take their work home or work remotely, which means, in order for them to get the work done, they have to be at our physical location. Because of this, we have put in place policies for sanitizing workspaces before, during and after each shift.

In addition, we are not allowing any unannounced visits from customers or vendors at this time to reduce the company exposure to the virus. If you do come into our office and are not expected, we will not allow you past the lobby. We will monitor the situation and update this policy as conditions change.

We have the technology infrastructure that allows our office staff to work remotely, but have not required or asked them to do so at this time. If that becomes necessary, you will still be able to reach all of them at the same number and email address you currently have.

We will continue to follow CDC guidelines for maintaining a sanitary work environment and personal hygiene, which will help limit the spread of the virus.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will notify you of specific changes if that becomes necessary.


David Zimmermann
President and CEO, Zimmermann Company