New 6 color press with coater

Today we are announcing the installation of our new six color press with coater. This press will allow us to expand what we can offer in house and amplify the artisan level quality we are already known for. Click the link below and enjoy a time-lapse video of the press installation and when you’re done, visit our homepage for more information on how we can help your company.

Now Hiring!

Today we just posted a listing for a Pre-Press Manager / Team Leader.

We have filled the Pre-Press Manager / Team Leader position and the listing has been taken down from our website. Thank you to everyone who has applied.
Head on over to our CAREER PAGE for more information, and if you think you’re a fit for the opening, send us your information as directed in the listing.

We are also on the lookout for candidates to help us out in other areas too.

Machine Bindery Specialist
Senior Sales Associate


Redesigning collaboration with Pixelfire Studio.

Earlier this year, Zimmermann Company partnered with a design studio called Pixelfire Studio. Based in Sheboygan and with years of experience, this little studio has produced some incredible designs for some local companies. Now they’re putting some of that “creative fuel” to work for Zimmermann Company and its clients. Continue reading